How to do a MySQL WHERE query whilst filtering for multiple values from the different columns.

An example being the need to SELECT data where name = value OR last_name  = value. Using the IN statement work for single columns but this involve at least two.

Whilst MySQL has AND that is used to combine WHERE filters using OR in the same manner doesn’t work such as:

SELECT * FROM table_name WHERE name = 'Andy' OR last_name = 'Murray'

The correct method involves wrapping in parenthesis:

SELECT * FROM table_name WHERE (name = 'Andy') OR (last_name = 'Murray')

for more than two just keep going:

SELECT * FROM table_name WHERE (name = 'Andy') OR (last_name = 'Murray') OR (middle_name = 'Ben')

This returns values where name = Andy or where last_name = Murray or where middle_name = Ben