Naming routes in Laravel for convenience

Naming routes in Laravel isn’t a necessity however it makes referencing so much easier when you want to reference a route when generating URLs and pass parameters to it.

Laravel named routesTake this example of 2 “users” routes

Route::get('/users', [UsersController::class, 'allUsersPage'])->name('users.all');

Route::get('/users/{id}', [UsersController::class, 'usersPage'])->name('users.single');

Whenever creating a link to the allUsersPage just use


Or for the individual user page with the user id parameter passed through:

route('users.single', 167532);

Here you can see the name for the route heavily implies what it is.

Doing a redirect is also possible to a named route

return redirect()->route('users.single', 167532);

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