NES.css Another unique Bootstrap theme

First came the web 1.0 Bootstrap theme now its a retro NES style framework. The NES.css styles the popular framework Bootstrap as the 8-bit home video game console GUI know as the Nintendo entertainment system (NES).

The NES was launched in 1983 so as you’d expect the web elements have the real blocky 8-bit appearance. It’s actually relatively clean but the blocky font gives it a bloated look, this may be fixed by shrinking the default font sizes.

You can see why we moved into the cleaner, rounder fonts as these allowed for thinness and less bold.

NES css

As expected with true to form the colors are simple, primary colors are used along with simple shading on the buttons.

The tables are unsatisfying with no real distinction between the <th> and the <td>. The bloated font again seems to have its ways here.

NES css tables
NES.css tables

Lastly the icons, impressive and very accurate to the NES theme:

NES css icons
NES.css icons

Those stars are very iconic to the Nintendo franchise and the other branded modern-day icons still run so true to the theme. NES.css was well done.

With the pure uniqueness of this Bootstrap theme and with others like the Web 1.0 theme it adds similar of a gift to the web dev community. Whilst these themes aren’t for everyone and not practical its the nostalgia and attention to detail bringing value that makes them anĀ admirable piece.