The new A6100 and A6600 from Sony

Whilst not fully underwhelming Sonys recently released additions to its APS-C lineup didn’t quite meet expectations. In the build up it was boldly stated in the rumor mills that there would be two new cameras….to which there was.

sony a6600 and a6100 camera release

The live stream started with a motivational video, it featured few to no APS-C cameras mostly just Full frame. Even after the video we were reminded of the recently released α7R IV which gives insight into how much Sony put into these 2 new APS-C cameras.

Two new APS-C cameras

One being the A6600, the successor to the 3-year-old A6500 and then the A6100 which brings great upgrades to the A6000.

The A6600 brings in the large Z battery, headphone jack and updated focus system from the A6400. A6100 has 4k and a flip-up screen which are a great upgrade to the A6000 which just has 1080p and an angled screen.

Yes still no higher pixel count, 10bit or 60fps for 4k video…

The good stuff

The new Sony A6600 boasts:

  • Worlds fastest 0.02 seconds auto focus.
  • 180 Degreee rotating screen.
  • 2.2 times longer lasting battery.
  • 425 phase detection.
  • 1.8x more processing power.
  • HDR video.

new sony a6600 camera specsnew sony a6100 camera specs

Its a tease, Sony didn’t go all out in the flagship model but they did improve the A6500. Is it enough to for those with the A6500 to move up?

Sony E mount timeline

The timeline for Sony E mount APS-C cameras has been:

  1. A6000 – February 2014
  2. A6300 – February 2016
  3. A6500 – October 2016
  4. A6400 – January 2019
  5. A6100 – August 2019
  6. A6600 – August 2019

The 2019 released range (A6400, A6100 and A6600) is still using the same 24MP sensor as the 2016 released A6300. Not ideal and an upgrade here would see a greater megapixel count, 4k60fps, 10bit and even continous shutter fps.

At an entry-level the A6100 is a great option, with 4k video and the incredibly fast autofocus it undoubtedly stands above the old A600 and even pushes the A6300 over.

What is next for Sony APS-C

It was repeated many times throughout the live event that Sony cares about the APS-C range and is still in active development. This may well be all true and well, but the holding back on the flagship model to protect the full-frame lineup can be seen.

Not putting advanced video features in your cheaper, more defined range first rather developing these for full-frame which happens to be your best seller is spot on. Why would Sony put better video features in a $1400 camera instead of their $3000 one?!

From the A6500 across to the A6400 and now up to the A6600 honestly the differences arent major, all 3 are fine cameras but this slowed or tamed development makes you wonder will Sonys APS-C fall behind because in a years time the A6600 will look dated compared to rivals.

Saying the A6600 is your flagship APS-C camera in late 2019 is a sorry state of affairs. Sony has said they’re developing APS-C yet it took 2 plus years to get to the A6600 plus the same old sensor.

Not the innovative Sony of past years, but that is just the way it is.