New Balance dropping the ball on the Kawhi Leonard hype

Kawhi Leonard is the blazing hot player in the NBA right now. From hitting game winning shots, consistently having dominant games and carrying the Raptors to playoff wins. Kawhi Leonard is notorious for having the quirkiness of showing no emotion.

The internet loves the guy and his unique, introvert ways. Like fresh air, many can relate to Kawhi’s antics.

Kawhi is for the people

Late 2018 it was announced Kawhi Leonard was signing onto New Balance, an unknown in the basketball world. New Balance had their big fish and it was a highly marketable one.

Kawhi Leonard New Balance NBA

For most part in the NBA sneakers mostly consist of the brand Nike, at times there was resistance from Adidas and now somewhat Under Armour but Nike is dominant.

With the signing of Kawhi New Balance had this gateway to get a chunk of the market fast, this stands especially true given Kawhi Leonard is driving the Raptors to what will be their first NBA championship win.

Although you have to wonder what New Balance are doing, are they playing the long game?

Zero Kawhi New Balance apparel

As of right now you cannot buy anything Kawhi Leonard branded on the New Balance store. Absolutely nothing. The desire, for anything of the New Balance Kawhi Leonard brand is at an all time high right now and New Balance has nothing to sell.

Hard to imagine, did they underestimate demand or what Kawhi would be doing in the NBA world at this moment?

We recently got to see the Fun Guy branding, which is a great way to sum up Kawhi’s personality. The internet loved it and New Balance is seemingly releasing some stock but it is rarer than hens teeth

Aside from the trickle of merch New Balance has nothing to offer, nothing to sell. Seemingly banking on Kawhi to continue to be one of the best and the demand to stay high.

Not taking advantage

The New Balance basketball twitter account just retweets pictures of Kawhi’s shoes he wears during a game, there is no engagement, no great urgency to strengthen the Kawhi Leonard New Balance connection.

Maybe Kawhi had it in his contract that they wouldn’t mass produce his name, that actually would be believable.

The guy is hot property, a big name and in season yet there is just nothing for consumers.