New York City 1993

Watching the below footage in 2018 was very interesting, aside from the footage being incredibly high quality for over 20 years ago the mannerisms, environment and the world going about its day was completely different to today.

Standing out is the obvious lack of smartphones, whilst nowadays you have people engaged on their phone whilst walking this video shows citizens fully aware of their surrounds. It’s very eerie that smartphones have changed so much about us in our day-to-day lives. Being buried in your smart phone basically blocks you of from your surrounds and almost puts a perceived barrier around you.

new york 1993 footage 1 Early on in the video the twin towers are seen in all their might, one of the truest forms of change you can take from this video. Several years later the towers would go in the harshest way changing the world forever. The methods to security would adapt and paths to conflict laid.

Simple world

Attire is another aspect, of course its New York where business is a stronghold but still New York today would not have that many suited up individuals. The formal wear was well represented, a sign of changed perceptions perhaps?

new york 1993 footage 2The cars are very boxy, nothing like the smooth designed automobiles today and perhaps there is less traffic….

Without the context of it being filmed in 1993 and the fashion the footage really gives of the vibe for a relaxed, simple feel. I am not joking when I say the world was a simpler place back then from all accounts.  The footage can mostly show this.

Its footage and images like this that firstly I enjoy, it gives a great sense of the past and secondly for what it matters provides future generations a look at the world back before personal technology came and had its way.