No info for what the app update addresses

“We hope you enjoy our app! Please keep it updated to get our latest and greatest improvements” says the multi-billion dollar corporation who most likely used the “update” as a way to pack in sneaky tracking (analytics) or different ways to show ads.

Seriously as if having an app on your phone now days isn’t having you get the feeling you’re being watched. Yet for what ever reason apps in the IOS App store can push updates and not even specify what the update is for.

Sure a massive list isn’t needed but surely Apple can make these sneaky money-making machines give a few explanations to what the update does and is for?!

app update no info

A common “excuse” for pushing an update is “Bug fixes and performance improvements”. Again this isn’t helpful. Tell us that you fixed the comments not loading or the layout breaking. Even say that you changed the heading font color from #f0f0f0 to ##f0ecec. Information is key.

Hiding something? or lazy?

It wouldn’t even be hard to do a few dot points either, 2 minutes at most. Yet instead a sentence gets pasted in each time explaining how the user should update because they will get “bug fixes and better performance”. Right. I’m not advocating for the app maker to lie either just some basic points on what was addressed in the app update.

The ability for this time of action to be justifiable should also be fixed by Apple if they want their App store shiny, squeaky clean and the worlds best app store.