NordVPN why are you email bombing new customers?

Recently I signed up to Nordvpn on a yearly plan, $45 for 12 months is very well priced for one of the best VPN services. I have had no issues with the VPN service so far, maybe the speed is slightly slower than ExpressVPN but hey im happy.

One issue I do have how ever with the whole process of paying and signing up to NordVPN is the emails. In my mind you should look to convert onlookers to customers and spend a lot of resources on this, yet NordVPN is thinking that their customers need tips on a VPN. Hello I know what a VPN is and its use cases that’s why I signed up and paid you, Go inform someone else and lure them into a purchase NordVPN!

nord vpn spamI will accept a welcome email / how to use our apps and website but not the daily “guides on online security and privacy”.

NordVPN seems to either have got things mixed up or have not implemented a system for the email campaigns to separate customers from old customers and the on lookers. It’s frustrating because a VPN company would seem to be switched on and have good internet decency than to email bomb customers.

I sent a tweet to NordVPN on this matter:

To their credit i got a response bot or not?

Good on them, that’s how to handle a complaint. Saying sorry and offering a means for a fix to the issue. It’s the little things and making every single customer feel valued and looked after cannot be missed.

Anyway NordVPN please consider changing how you run your email marketing, because as of right now its misdirected and kinda a big annoyance and slap to the face.