Olio doing the dodgy with their products

From CaliforniaJugg on Reddit it looks like Olio are into deceiving consumers.

olio dodgyOn first look one can be excused to think this bottle is just extra virgin olive oil, but in camouflage print hidden are the words “Sunflower oil &” making this product actually sunflower oil and extra virgin oil. But unfortunately it gets worse, the bottle is 90% sunflower oil and 10% extra virgin and Olio tried to make it seem like that 10% was actually the whole thing.

It’s this misleading with products that s illegal for starters and very much worthy of a nice big fine but its unethical and gives fuel to the fire for no trust or anger towards Olio. Rightfully so though. Tricking consumers is not something that you should aim to do, you will get caught and there will always be consequences.

A brand boycott is something Olio should expect for misleading consumers. Especially if this picks up on social media and spreads. Youd like to think those at the top of Olio didnt devise this unethical plan, who knows? but im sure negative press, fines and product boycotts will make them wish they never set out to trick consumers into buying their product.