One of the better color picker websites; colorsupplyyy

Yes this is another color palette and scheme post, but I think it’s truly worth it. colorsupplyyy is another one of these color tools that is very useful however it needs to be said early on that colorsupplyyy stands out from the others.

I’m no color science expert nor graphic design ace that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the simple things like a nice color palette or for that matter a web app based on color palettes.


The basis is several different color matching modes (Complementary, analogous, triad, split-compliment and square) on a color wheel which you can then move around to select a range of colors and then mix and match them in different tones that change on a small sample UI.

colorsupplyyy website example

I give colorsupplyyy a big tick for being simple to use and its usefulness also receives a big tick because you can find palettes to your interest with minimal searching around the color wheel.

Displaying the chosen color scheme in UI “like” samples isn’t something new but it strongly enforces the choice or not if you choose some whiffy colors.

colorsupplyyy comes with “premium” because understandably people need reward for their work. Premium gives you the ability to bookmark colors and a few more color wheels of different tones. I’m going to be honest and say no it’s not worth the cheapest plan of $19 per year (2 computers) and the large agency at $99 p/y for 25 computers is clutching at straws.

If I wanted to bookmark colors or download them and change color tones id go elsewhere to which I would miss the color wheel styles from colorsupplyyy. Having the website as a freemium is good enough because you can easily just find what scheme you want and copy the hex codes.

colorsupplyyy does a great job for inspiration and ideas no matter what you’re doing or what level you are in the design world.