One of the better modern day battles; Apple vs Facebook

Apple a global tech giant raised on innovation causing great popularity and high perceived quality, no shortage of money which isn’t surprising given their recent product prices. Facebook once a revelation and useful social connection platform now turned into a nasty data harvester, tracker and fighting privacy breaches often. This is no conflict that could have been picked several years back.

Tech giant vs data seller and leaker

Apple of recent has been very strong in building for their users privacy in protecting against apps that have dodgy intentions in the background. Its one thing that actually runs well with Apples core beliefs for quality products and getting what you pay for. Apple does not bend over or sell out to companies such as Facebook like Samsung does.

When Apple canceled Facebook’s developer certificates essentially telling them to stop using or trying to use IOS in dodgy manners there was a big smile on my face and I am sure so many others too. This came after it was found that Facebook was paying teens to install an app that tracked outgoing and incoming data from their phone.

Apple poops Facebook’s party

It gets better when the ban made the Facebook campus “unusable”. With the campus relying heavily on apps to get around, book, eat and plan. If a Facebook staff had an IOS device their day was made a lot tougher.

The actions set a very strong precedent, sending a message to Facebook that Apple does not and will not tolerate behaviour that break terms of service no matter who you are. Google even had their developer certificates banned for a brief time.

Apple reacting to a breach of their terms of service by Facebook is only going to end well for them, the Facebook hate train is as full as its ever been right now and for Apple to further stamp its stature for zero tolerance in breaches and seeing the customer as a customer rather than a product.

Read a thread like this and see Android users pleasure for what Apple just did and even comments telling about moves from android to Apple because of the stance on privacy.

Facebook cant just step around this one

Facebook have no other action but to comply with Apple, they aren’t stupid enough to pull Facebook from IOS because Apple simply holds a large part of the smart phone market. Maybe they could make the Facebook app slower or fewer features but the undoes previous development and only hurts themselves thus leaving the only option for Facebook to stop acting malicious.

This would have to be the first time in Facebook’s history where their direct actions actually made them pay harshly with no delay. They can fight through the courts against privacy breaches but when the maker of a very popular phone sees your bullshit you will face the effect straight on.

The continuing trend for Facebook is the influx of negative aurora around their actions. This slap in the face from Apple comes early on in 2019 and you get the feeling that the popcorn.gif is going to be used a lot this year.