Optus is paying you to have ads on your phone lockscreen

The brains power at Optus have come up with what they think is an excellent idea…Optus Xtra app which when downloaded makes ads appear on your phones lock screen. Yep its a horrific idea for consumers even with Optus giving you $2 per month to have the Xtra app installed.

Logically for Optus this is an excellent way to make profit, allowing free range to plaster ads all over someones phone outside the boundaries of an app would be very very attractive for advertisers and Optus will make back that $2 within days. It’s another move thats ‘innovative’ but from a consumer’s point of view you want no part of this.

optus xtra app unethical

Optus shape the Xtra app up as paying you for viewing ads but for the flat rate of $2 per month it’s not worth getting period. If you want your customers to download bloatware that spams ads at every opportunities make it worth it.

For starters you’re on the Optus network so you have next to no support with those who are meant to assist being useless at it. Optus is full of fake promises and nothing gets fixed if you have issues of some sort and now they want you to open the floodgates to view ads when you go to unlock your phone, no thank you!

The Optus Xtra app reeks of careless greed and with a move like this you have to believe that Optus are continuing down the path of seeing their customers as a piece of dirt.