Optus live chat bot goes on an apology spree

Live chat is a modern-day Savior, you mostly get the same help but it’s often a lot quicker than a phone call. You don’t have to put up with language barriers and that annoying hold tune. Sometimes it can seem like live chat is part bot or automated, I certainly had this experience.

After getting in touch with Optus to sort out the Jamster scam (ill do a separate post on this in the future) The person or bot (maybe) came into a tangle….

optus live chat oops

Here we see “Charolette” apologize 5 times within 5 minutes. Each time the consultant sends a message or replies it gives a notification noise, tabbing back into the chat to see a sorry message was a let down. I just wanted my problem fixed.

I have always wondered since first using live chat from Telstra back in 2012 if the chat consultants were bots or not. Unlikely to not be bots, I’d like to know how many hotkey responses and open chats the chat support person would have!

As for Optus saying sorry 5 times in 5 minutes, id rather have my issue fixed than an apology that means nothing.