Over 80% of teens prefer Iphone over Android

Apple being a symbol of status shines through where self-esteem worries are their highest… high school. A study has shown that 82% of teens own an Iphone and 84% say their next phone will be an Iphone.

Thats massive majority saying that Iphone is in their eyes the better phone choice. Credit to Apple on their branding status, an Iphone is seen as premium and if you have one in a way its a sign you’re well off or fortunate. Aside from the perceived effects of owning an Iphone apps in particular iMessage are very popular and well positioned for high school kids. Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter just seem to be built for an Iphone, they run well and are easy to use on the Iphone UI.

iphone ownership teens

Highschool can be a place for sheep like behaviour, copying and all following one direction. Again this isn’t the main reason for teens preferring an Iphone over an Android device. Android phones come in all price ranges, many at the cheaper end whilst an Iphone when new and latest edition is always at the top in being the pricier option.

What would a teenager rather have? A plastic phone, that looks cheap and is a cheap brand like Huawei or some elegant designed, highly recognised, highly known brand and device like an Apple Iphone?

Its simple behaviour and without a survey I would have said that undoubtably teens would prefer an Iphone over an Android device.

If it aint broke dont fix it

Should Apple make the most of this and design an Iphone suited for teenagers? im not sure, because it will carry the stigma of being the watered down, cheaper non-full version of the Iphone. Rather than make a product for teenagers Apple should focus more on the marketing towards teenagers. Whilst marketing to minors is risky and can slip onto the unethical side its business.

This survey for Apple is just some more acknowledgment that the Iphone is winning in market share, if you become the choice for teens you have to believe that the trend will continue throughout their life. Unsurprisingly it will also transition to Macbooks for college.