OzBargain needs a review section

OzBargain the ever-growing bargain sharing website to me is missing something. It has forums, classifieds and competitions but it really needs a review section! A lot of listings on OzBargain for deals are repeat products and you can find a lot of consistency in products or brands being regularly featured. So since the members purchase these products at a listed bargain price, why not have reputable reviews too?

OzBargain logo

Reviews are good ways to clear up questions and erase doubt on if a potential customer should go through the checkout process and purchase the goods. To see images, videos, what comes in the packaging and any problems the buyer had would be extremely helpful. Of course for a $1 torch it may not be needed but for electronics and brands like Xiaomi sometimes you want clear first hand experiences and imagery.

Creates engagements and helps sales

I am interested about this; i will not make a suggestion to OzBargain about this but have they thought about a reviews section? are they working on one? Expanding your website and continuing to add fresh or new features and content is an excellent method to keep users, adding a users review section would certainly add another front to OzBargain.

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