OzBargain says no to charity freebies

A discussion recently went up on OzBargain in regard to if free ‘deals’ from charities should be allowed. Overwhelmingly the users voted no, that these types of posts should not be allowed. I think that’s the right call too.

When a charity or health group offer freebies like sexual health or diabetes assistance packs they absolutely should only go to those that are in the need. This post was from ACON, a registered charity that is targeting at risk members of the LGBTI community with their health packs. The post stated free safe sex play pack and like always the comment section was filled with puns and innuendo. It’s a poor taste, I imagine most of those who saw the deal and ordered where not who ACON wanted these packs to be sent to.

The mods did step in and enforce a new rule, Charity freebie deals are no longer allowed. Absolutely this is the right move. So many underprivileged, at risk or in need could be missing out if these types of initiatives are posted on OzBargain for all to see. I tell you now, those on OzBargain are doing well for themselves too, except the odd university student.

In OzBargain’s way of overused jokes and bad puns i am pleased that humanity prevailed and that the users or community do care that underprivileged or at risk get help and be helped by these foundations or groups doing excellent work for society.