Pay $990 for an unpaid internship position?! Nah im good

Paying to do an internship is rubbish, it’s a thing but its rubbish. Here we have an advertised internship for a web development position where you have to pay $990:00 + GST upon successfully application. What the!.

Its illegal, stupid and arguably not worth it. The offer of a gym, yoga, coffee and events is overdone. This place isnt Google. Hotdesking gets mentioned of course and yes that too needs to roll over and pass on along with paying for internships.

I sincerely hope there isn’t a demand for this stuff where companies can get away with basically accepting money to have a place on someones resume as having gained “experience” for a month. But paying for internships and experience isn’t something new and uncommon. International students are the main victims of this illegal cash grab, in which should be easy to shut down by the ombudsman because it is a blatant breach.

I’m sure the Dream factory, the building in which this “company” resides in would not be pleased about unethical and illegal behaviour.

It says a lot about the company if they are doing illegal and unethical practices what are they really like on the inside?! Well they say they do hotdesking so they’re rubbish anyway (kidding). Seriously though never pay for an internship and if you offer places where the interns have to pay, have a look in the mirror.