Pay per view where value is always the unknown

PPV or Pay per view is when a broadcaster of an event or show takes money in exchange for the rights to view. The rights to view is only once and only for the said occasion, this method is mostly used in boxing and fighting telecasts.

Unknown value

The bigger issue is getting value. The main boxing fight could go for 5 seconds or over half an hour with plenty of action and ups & downs. Back in 2015 it cost $89.95 to view the Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao fight, there were 4.6 million PPV passes sold. The fight in my eyes was average and did not live up to the hype nor price to stream the fight however the fighters both got big pay days mostly due to PPV with Mayweather getting $100 million.

pay per view ppv graphic
pay per view

Two years later for the Floyd Mayweather v Conor McGregor fight in 2017 the PPV cost was the same except it was $10 more for high-definition. 4.3 million PPV passes were sold for this event.

It’s also stated that┬áMuhammad Ali got 162,944,000 PPV sales, truly a massive amount given that was far from the digital age of today.

Is PPV feasting on hype?

When you look at other normal subscription based methods to stream and view content I cannot see how PPV looks attractive. Kayosports for $25 AUD per month you get access to over 50 sports, shows and past matches. Breaking that down to 35 AFL matches, 1 or 2 Formula 1 races, a dozen and more NBA games, many college Basketball and football matches, rugby and more per month for just $25 you can see how PPV lacks.

Paying $90 USD for one nights content compared to $25 AUD for a month of sports extravaganza, its crazy PPV gets success.

PPV pays more for the fighters no doubt, it’s a direct way to say yes this person gave us money to view the event because of you (the fighter). It’s just so absurd though and once again shows that when something is monopolized there isn’t much the consumer can do. ‘illegal’ online streams are one alternative however these aren’t a guarantee nor is the quality just as is going down to the pub/bar to view. It wouldn’t be to pleasant an experience.

The situation and notion for PPV fights have already been paved, past success financially shows that it works and there is big cash to be made. However its best to say that if you don’t like it then don’t use it.

If you have money to pay and fights to watch than go for it, but PPV plays into the corporates hands with no alternatives for the consumer.