Philippines basketball team you are a disgrace

2nd of July 2018 Philippines vs Australia FIBA basketball world cup qualifying match went horribly wrong. From the Philippines player tripping an Australian player in the warmup, the Philippines coach encouraging his players to put someone on their arse leading to the harsh foul on Chris Goulding and the follow-up elbow from Daniel Kickert it was on knifes edge. But it went horribly wrong when the entire Philippines bench and staff rushed the floor against the 5 Australian players and behaved like aniamls.

Not only is it a rule but also a well-known aspect that if an altercation happens on court the bench players remain of the court, sure they may try to come onto the court but staff should and will hold them back. The NBA takes a strong stance on this and players even moving an inch onto the court get fined. The Philippines team stormed onto the court and quickly set out to act like animals on their outnumbered opponents. Andray Blatche lays out a clothesline and Jayson Williams attempts a jumping punch variation as the sea of blue engulfed the few Australian players.


Cowards punches from behind to throwing chairs, it was disgusting behaviour. Team staff and players not even available for the game got involved.

Gang like behaviour from a team that was getting dominated on the scoreboard deciding “stand up for themselves”. Mathew Wright of the Philippines runs down the court swinging widely whilst Thon Maker was running around trying to defend his teammates and received a punch to the back of the head from Terrence Romeo whilst almost a dozen of the Philippines players and officials set onto a downed Chris Goulding

Piling onto and holding down Chris Goulding whilst players and team officials would punch and kick him, deplorable actions. You can clearly see an “Event Marshall” kick at the downed Goulding

This image is of Jio Jalalon who was not participating in the match punch retrained Australian player Nathan Sobey

Jio Jalalon sucker punch
Jio Jalalon sucker punch

How low can you get? You can’t do this on the street and you cant do it in an Arena, Jio Jalalon wasnt even playing yet decided to act like a complete scumbag and throw a punch at a retrained person. Dont know how FIBA cannot tell Jio Jalalon to never play again.

A Philippines basketball staff member, possibly a coach throws a chair at Nathan Sobey right before the cowards punch from Jio Jalalon:


If you needed anymore content to show that Philippines basketball was an outright degradation to basketball and an act not of sportsman’s rather animals, the team posed for a selfie.



After having seemingly most of the Philippines basketball team storm onto the court against 5 Australians, pinning one down and using chairs and cheap cowards punches they seem to be basking in glory.

What a weak act from those at basketball Philippines who not only brought the whole sport into the spotlight for the wrong thing made themselves look like animals. They way a lot of the Philippines players and coaches acted and behaved should absolutely see them get banned.

Bringing shame to basketball

You can’t have thugs and low lifes thinking its okay to gang up on downed opponents and use chairs as weapons. It was a game of basketball for crying out loud.

Disgusting behaviour needs to be penalised and yes Daniel Kickert should get suspended for his elbow, there is no place anywhere for this violence.

Had basketball Philippines been serious about being somewhat professional rather than animals they would have kept their players on the sidelines instead you have the disgusting behaviour that unfolded and in time you will hope that FIBA removes those from the game for life that acted like animals.

Philippines basketball behave like animals and face the consequences

The Philippines also happens to be co host for the 2023 FIBA basketball world cup, unfortunately for the way they acted you could easily make case for them to be stripped from that. You can’t reward disgusting behaviour that the Philippines basketball team undertook.

Everything has consequences and the Philippines basketball team must face extreme penalties for bring basketball into disrepute and acting like outrageous animals on a basketball court.