Play to your strengths with your SEO

This concept is a simple one yet I have seen it rarely covered, piggyback on the success of your high ranking terms.

Whether your link gained traction online, spread like wildfire, was written with precision and Google loved it, there will always be something that you rank better in than anything else. At least one term or keyword structure, it could be several whatever it is create more on it.

Create similar of the best ranking

Create more content on what your domain ranks well for. Its the KISS principle in work. SEO can be made to be something so complex and deep yet following the main principles and playing to your strengths results in success.

In some of my topics ill admit I never researched the keywords or saw what other authoritative domains sat in the way. I created the content because I learned it and wanted to enforce this and now down the path in Google Search Console I can see I have the number 1 spot for pages of queries and terms.

Build on what you’re known for

It is from this Search Console performance results I build upon the top-ranking terms with similar content. I am not copying the content, just going broader or more defined and approaching the topic with different parameters.

This also explains my seemingly random topics, if something I did to test the waters ranked well then, of course, I am going to make other blog posts on that topic.

Find a gap, rank and build on it. Helping along the way is the recommended posts at the bottom of the page and also Google shaping results depending on your search characteristics.

Applications to this method

This method suits my site well because the range of topics and categories I cover is large. If you run a niche website then your scope is a lot smaller and you might struggle to find the feeler topics.

From my own findings, this method doesn’t bring great risk or actions that could damage your current SEO value. It will either achieve nothing or boost your ranking and domain authority more.