Postage is the weakness of Ecommerce

Blame Australia Post, blame the government or blame the store it doesn’t matter, postage prices in Australia have been an issue for years. With the rise of Ecommerce it hasn’t got much better.

I recently got a fishing rod shipped from China for free. A case of getting something oddly shaped and cylindrical shipped across the world for no extra price is astonishing. Here in Australia it costs $1 to send an envelope and $8.50 for a small satchel. I hate to see what it costs to send a fishing rod in Australia.

The United states of America has same day and next day delivery in many areas and regional too. Metro Australia can see next day postage services but not regional. Express postage in Australia can get to regional areas in 2 days on occasions which is fine, but it’s the cost that isn’t.

Postage speed can be excused in my belief unless it’s over 3 working days which is poor, it’s the price we have to pay that is the downer for Ecommerce. Many online stores offer free postage on orders over $50 or $100 be it express of not whilst if you just wanted to but some socks or a hat that going to cost an extra $7.99 to post. It’s a turn off.

I will say you rarely see stores looking to make profits from postage and the postage price is reasonable and at a price you expect (high). So what can be done? A government that wants Australian stores to flourish with Ecommerce need to lower the prices of postage. At least for business’s, im not fussed for consumer postage prices, but when shopping online postage price matters.

The ever growing love for online shopping is being held down by Australian postage prices, It shouldn’t be that way and needs a rethink.