Precedence set for internet censorship

Before you know it the government will have full control over what you browse on the internet. This is referring to Australia the so-called “free” not a 2010 China where the government rules what its citizens can watch and has a dirty secret that’s been hidden well from its 1.3 billion population.

Telstra blocked “a number of” websites that are hosting footage of the Christchurch attack. The attack was an incredibly sad event and the footage should not be viewed or shared however why do temporary bans not happen for other terrorist attacks around the world? ISIS has spammed the internet many times with their acts of terror why no censoring of that? Why does Facebook and Twitter escape a block out?

Highly selective

Facebook was the platform that live streamed the tragedy and from reading Reddit comments the video still freely pops up on both Facebook and Twitter to this day, yet of course the government wont ban a rubbish social media platform because they like to spam their political “content” on it.

I don’t (didn’t) even browse the blocked websites yet can still feel that this effect is a step in the wrong direction.

If you need a few words that show how out of touch and agenda driven some of these ISP’s are here is what Optus said on its censoring: “reflecting on community expectations”.  Most people will agree that the video shouldn’t be watched or shared but does Optus really think that its customers want internet censoring? No one is asking for websites that also contain “informative” content to be blocked.

We don’t like this, so you can’t view it

Customers pay for the internet so give them the internet. Don’t give them the internet with certain parts “missing” because you think its good for the community. Imagine if an ISP did something very bad on a large-scale and they blocked news corporations and articles on the matter. That’s the precedence, someone high in the ranks of an ISP doesn’t like something an email gets sent out to block it. Far fall from the land of the free.

The usage of VPN’s must surely be in for a rise if this is the way ISP’s and governments are starting to play.

Australia getting its internet censored and the anti encryption law move this country close to China’s level of control and shaping on its people. Except most likely Facebook sadly will be left standing.