Printpost making printing Instagram photos easy! is an online service that allows you to get your Instagram photos printed out and sent to you. the idea is simple.. print out your Instagram memories or moments and frame them.

I love little business’s like this, they create something that has a barrier even if it’s a slight barrier and make somthing that lets you hope over the barrier. In this case it’s easily getting your Instagram photos from your account, something which you need a third-party to do anyway and then it prints them saving you the hassle. has a simple design, nothing dramatic very basic. The pricing is as you would expect…10 photos $6, 20 for $8.50 and 50 for $15 clearly the more you get the better it works out to be. Now without signing up I couldn’t tell if these were the 4×4 or 4×6 as stated on the website.

printpost co

One last thing to touch on is the testimonials on the site, currently there are 2. I get the idea of them but it really really (no matter the website) seems like they are fake and butchered to make the said business look magnificent.

Hopefully can generate some customers and maybe even move onto Instagram and facebook photos? who knows.