Reddit redesign is shockingly bad, what are they doing?!

Reddit currently is going through a “redesign” process. For what reason im not sure, but its bad and plays to the saying “don’t fix it if it aint broke” massively.

reddit redesign bad
Reddit redesign bad, blurred out subs and username

White space everywhere, not fun to look at when its nighttime! Look at all that space going to waste with just nothingness. Make the text bigger and wider please. There also is no way to collapse comments either, what on earth is Reddit thinking and doing?? diabolical.

The redesign is a disgrace and needs desperate fixing, you have to wonder why this monstrosity was wheeled out in the first place. To make it worse clicking the back to old Reddit design doesn’t work. So you’re now stuck with this rubbish called the “redesign” well done Reddit for going backwards.

I turned of uBlock and the ads came thick and fast, no doubt this was part of Reddits plan to scrap something that worked and everyone became accustom to to deploying some rubbish capable of serving 6 times as many ads. Great way to treat your users. Again Reddit the revert to old Reddit not working makes this whole “redesign” a disaster.

Why is the redesign a thing?

The design and overuse of Reddits logo the weird alien character really give Reddit the feel of a childs website and Reddit is not a place for a child to wonder so I hope Reddit isn’t trying to lure them in.

I can understand Reddit wanted to get feedback on the “redesign” but I do feel rolling out this empty wasteland of a website layout with missing features and broken styling is going to tick ‘some’ users. I certainly didn’t want to be a test guinea pig for Reddits rubbish design. I just wanted to come on and use Reddit but the ‘redesign’ has wrecked Reddit for now. It’s a shame.