Reviews dont need censorship

Reviews are a fantastic method to get unbiased opinions and ratings on how something was, whether it be a service or product maybe even an experience. So when the company starts removing negative reviews or creating fake positive ones we have problems.

Accurate and unbiased reviews can generate sales and help turn a potential customer into a customer, through assurance and any doubts being erased hopefully. Thats why internal review systems that are built into the store should be taken with a grain of salt. Sure the pictures and videos are good and informal but should you really trust the several perfect ratings posted in one day?! Companies can offer points for leaving reviews, id love to know what they give you and if they actually post your negative review.

External is good, internal can be cloudy

External review services like trip advisor or google reviews do have some trust and credibility. But reviews from accounts with: a recent sign up date, no avatar and little or no other reviews again should be ignored and not taken into account when making a purchase decision. I can see the point where companies may be creating negative reviews to bring a rival down or lower their sales. Its hard to know what is real, accounts are easy to make and bots exist on social media platforms.


To get a good understanding or knowledge of a product or service do you research, look at images & videos and ask people you know. I say dont disregard reviews but just treat them lightly.