Saving a webpage for offline viewing with the Chrome IOS app

This is something that I don’t believe is well-known, it’s the ability to save webpages in the Chrome web browser app for offline viewing. I realised it when looking through the settings whilst being bored at the airport waiting for a flight.

Reading list is the feature. It’s super simple to use as well, navigate to the webpage you want to “save” and view offline. Next click the 3 dots in the upper right followed by the square/box with an arrow pointing up coming out of it. Now just simply click “Read Later” with the Chrome logo which sits next to “Copy” and “Print”.

To now view this saved webpage click the 3 dots in the upper right and in the drop down menu there is “Reading List” which should have a 1 notification next to it. Click this and you will see your saved page and other saved pages if you’ve done this before!

Saved size, date and if read/unread is also noted. Handy. The idea that saving pages for offline viewing is called “Reading List” by Google is bizarre and im not sure if this feature is too well-known, I suspect it’s not.

There it is though you can save webpages for offline viewing on an iPhone/iPad thanks to Google Chrome app and Reading List.