Setup and install a DayZ Namalsk server on Windows server 2019 with SteamCMD

A guide on installing and setting up a DayZ Standalone server with the new Namalsk map by using SteamCMD.

DayZ Namalsk server install setup guide
DayZ Namalsk

This guide is made with a Windows Server 2019 VPS on Vultr with SteamCMD. This guide will also work on Windows 10, 8.1, Server 2016 and Server 2012 r2.

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SteamCMD is a command-line version of Steam, using this is much simpler than the normal Steam GUI program.

Download SteamCMD here and move it into a folder in the C drive called SteamCMD.

DayZ Namalsk server SteamCMD

Run steamcmd.exe, SteamCMD will unpack into the folder

DayZ Namalsk server SteamCMD extracting DayZ Namalsk server SteamCMD extracted 1

At the C drive create installserver.bat and fill it with:

@echo off
set "steamcmdpath=C:\SteamCMD"
set "serverpath=C:\dayzserver"
set /p login=Steam Login: 
set /p pass=Steam Password:
%steamcmdpath%\steamcmd +login %login% %pass% +force_install_dir "%serverpath%" +app_update 223350 validate +quit

DayZ Namalsk server SteamCMD install dayz server

Upon running this file and using your Steam credentials it will install the DayZ server files into C:\dayzserver.

DayZ Namalsk server SteamCMD downloading

Installing the Namalsk map

Installing the Namalsk map can be done with SteamCMD also; this bat file (installmods.bat):

@echo off

set steamcmdpath="C:\SteamCMD"

set namIsland="2288339650"

set namSurvival="2288336145"

set /p login=Steam Login: 


set /p pass=Steam Password:


%steamcmdpath%\steamcmd +login %login% %pass% +force_install_dir C:\dayzserver +workshop_download_item 221100 %namIsland% validate +force_install_dir C:\dayzserver +workshop_download_item 221100 %namSurvival% validate +quit

rmdir /Q /S "C:\dayzserver\@namalskIsland"

move "C:\dayzserver\steamapps\workshop\content\221100\%namIsland%" "C:\dayzserver\@namalskIsland"

rmdir /Q /S "C:\dayzserver\@namalskSurvival"

move "C:\dayzserver\steamapps\workshop\content\221100\%namSurvival%" "C:\dayzserver\@namalskSurvival"

copy /y "C:\dayzserver\@namalskIsland\Keys\*.bikey" "C:\dayzserver\keys\"


This installs Namalsk Island (server) and Namalsk survival (server) to C:\dayzserver\steamapps\workshop\content\221100 it will then move them both to C:\dayzserver and rename to the mods name.

The key file automatically gets copied to the server aswell.

Updating the Namalsk map

Updating these mods is done by clicking the installmods.bat file again, as the files get validated and the old ones in C:\dayzserver deleted before the new ones are moved across.

Ensuring players connect with the right mod

As this guide uses the server versions which are optimized for server use, you will need to spoof this so the players connect using the client version.

Open C:\dayzserver\@NamalskIsland\meta.cpp and set publishedid to 2289456201.

Open C:\dayzserver\@NamalskSurvival\meta.cpp and set publishedid to 2289461232.

These are the client version ids.

Getting mission files

In C:\dayzserver\@NamalskSurvival\Extras copy either the regular or hardcore folder and then paste into C:\dayzserver\mpmissions. Move serverDZ.cfg out into C:\dayzserver and edit for your server details.

Opening ports

For your server to be found publically, DayZ launcher and other server browsers you will need to open network ports. To do this open up Windows Defender firewall with Advanced security. On the top left you will see Inbound Rules and Outbound Rules.

DayZ server install setup firewall
Windows Defender Firewall with Advanced security

These rules are for a server running on port 2302

Ports that need to be opened for UDP

Inbound rules:

  • 2302-2306
  • 4380
  • 27000-27031
  • 27036

Outbound rules:

  • 2302-2306
  • 2344

Ports that need to be opened for TCP

Inbound rules:

  • 2302
  • 2312
  • 27015-27030
  • 27036-27037

Outbound rules:

  • 2312
  • 2344
  • 2345

Server start batch file

A basic batch file to start the Namalsk server:

@echo off
set serverName=Namalsk DayZ server

set serverLocation="C:\dayzserver"

set serverPort=2302

set serverProfile=Namalsk

set serverConfig=serverDZ.cfg

set serverCPU=4

title %serverName% batch
cd "%serverLocation%"
echo (%time%) %serverName% started.
start "DayZ Server" /min "DayZServer_x64.exe" -config=%serverConfig% -port=%serverPort% -profiles=%serverProfile% -cpuCount=%serverCPU% -mod=@NamalskSurvival;@NamalskIsland -dologs -adminlog -netlog -freezecheck

You can find more complex server starters that include BEC and timed restarting here.

If your DayZ server starts, shows up in the server browser and you can connect & play; you can begin to install mods and implement a restart system.

Adding your server to DZSA Launcher is done by going here and inputting your server IPv4 address plus the query port which is 27016.

Common launch errors

Common errors upon starting the server:

VCRuntime140.dll is missing

To fix go here and install the x64 bit.

XAPOFX1_5.dll and/or X3DAudio1_7.dll are missing

Install the runtime from here.

Configuration information

C:\dayzserver\serverDZ.cfg has your server settings and options, importantly the server name, password options and mission file name. View all the options for serverDZ.cfg here.

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