Should anyone be surprised at Ryzens success?

Closing out 2019 as predicted AMD is now well and truly on top of the once CPU market dominated by the giant Intel. A blessing for tech lovers because AMD deservingly has earnt its place.

Extreme value in a quality product is what consumers want, not a refreshed product with very minimal difference to the last iteration which has been Intel’s speciality over the past couple of years.

It’s all red

Here are the Amazon top sellers for CPUs late 2019

Amazon Best Sellers CPU AMD vs Intel
Amazon best CPU sellers late 2019

AMDs Ryzen chip holds the top 10 places, the last two being the Intel processors. You can look at benchmarks all day comparing “like” chips. The most basic take away is Ryzen 3rd generation is close to equal or better than its Intel counterpart but at a hugely cheaper price.

The greater amount of cores at cheaper prices make Ryzen an editors first choice for a powerful processor. The high-end chips are even selling out and increasingly hard to obtain.

These reasons could be for many factors like high demand with low supply, extreme quality control and material shortage. AMD’s restriction to pumping out the 3950x and 3900x (in some cases) are at its disadvantage.

That’s the consumer winning part. Power without paying the huge price. Intel is in no danger either, they have run the CPU market for a long time however inside HQ the environment would be tense.

Ryzen is still fresh

AMD only took three generations into the Ryzen series to obliterate Intel who was stagnant in its development and product cycles. A great comeback story considering the 2011 launch of the Bulldog series was a majority flop.

Neither of these tech giants is finished, at least you hope because for AMD to sit back in their shell now is going to make for some boring years for computer enthusiasts. Intel isn’t budging and their stock essentially is at all-time highs.

The stock performance very well could explain Intel’s inactions to develop a chip that is noticeably better than what they have had out for two years. If financially there is no repercussions can you blame them for being passive in development?

Developments in technology has been moving at a frantic pace over the past couple of years and AMD might just have rose at the right time.