Snapchat is going to test unskippable ads

Just months after trashing their UI and frustrating a large percent of their database Snapchat still havent got it, they are becoming unbearable and an easy decision to delete especially now. They are looking at unskippable ads.

The six second unskippable ads starting May the 15th are called “yes” according to the source. Nothing yes about unskippable ads, there is also no yes to is Snapchat growing. Snapchat really has lost its ways from an innovative simple to use app to a cluttered, commercialised mess. I wrote on that here.

It’s almost like Snapchat is just resigned to being a below average app that time has overtaken. The white flag is up and the ship is sinking but its taking in as much revenue as possible.

Snapchat not caring about its users

One invitation for Snapchat to deploy these unskippable ads is that the ‘discover’ section of the app is filled with rubbish anyway so there should be no issue dropping more rubbish on users.

Its bizarre but just that companies in todays age just seem to go against what their users would want. Snapchat has a history of it and recently Reddit is also pushing some slow, ugly redesign that no one wants or will use.

On a personal level I never dare to stray into the discover section so this move from Snapchat wont affect me, I will add i am using the app less and less. But Snapchat really has to watch what it’s doing, its dangerous to throw around and not listen to your users really dangerous.