SolusVM PHP API Class wrapper

SolusVM API PHP class is an uncomplicated API wrapper coded in PHP for the SolusVM API.

SolusVM is a virtualization manager, that is very popular amongst hosting providers.

You can achieve all the client-sided features without needing to worry about calls/requests.

All you need is the hosting providers SolusVM hostname and your account API key and API hash.

A feature of SolusVM API PHP class is the allInfo() function, an edited example output is:

  "status": "online",
  "hostname": "",
  "location": "Los Angeles, CA, USA",
  "type": "kvm",
  "node": "KVM-1.LA.HOST.COM",
  "ip_count": 2,
  "ip_list": [
  "mem_total": "512.0",
  "mem_used": "220.0",
  "mem_used_percent": 42,
  "mem_data_type": "MB",
  "bw_total": "512.0",
  "bw_used": "0.0",
  "bw_used_percent": 0,
  "bw_data_type": "GB",
  "hdd_total": "10.0",
  "hdd_used": "5.0",
  "hdd_used_percent": 50,
  "hdd_data_type": "GB",
  "datetime": "2020-04-04 15:56:29"


View the read me here.