Sony 18-105mm focal range comparison

The Sony E PZ 18-105mm f/4 G is a versatile lens, you can see that in its name. From a focal range of 18mm through to 105mm you cover landscape, close, mid and medium distance. It’s no telephoto lens but 105mm goes far.

Constant aperture and the lens not extending when zoomed round this lens out. It stays the same length unlike the 18-135mm and keeps a constant aperture, perfect for video.

sony 18 105mm lens 2019
sony 18-105mm via

The only reason to take the 18-105mm of your camera would be to put on a close portrait type prime, wide-angle lens or a telephoto zoom.

Below is a comparison at 18mm, 31mm and 64mm on a landscape shot. Sure I could have gone in more than 64mm but I found that length ideal;

sony 18 105mm comparison
18-105mm comparison different lengths

Here are more shots with the Sony 18-105mm on an a6500:

Sony 18 105mm close shot

sony 18 105mm kosciuszko
sony 18 105mm 18mm kosciuszko

Sony 18 105mm kosciuszko testYes a prime lens would be sharper, but prime lens stay at a focal length. The 18-105mm is very dynamic in its use and its very solid through the range.

It is prices at $598 USD you can save a couple of hundred in getting it second-hand and really for most amateur and beginner photographers this lens may be all you need.