Sorting array’s in PHP

How to sort arrays and associative arrays in ascending and descending sort.

To sort an array ascending use sort:

$array = array("Car", "Animal", "Book");
sort($array);//("Animal", "Book", "Car")

Or with values

$array = array(44, 18, 32);
sort($array);//(18, 32, 44)

For descending sort use rsort:

$array = array("Car", "Fruit", "Medal", "Snack");
rsort($array);//("Snack", "Medal", "Fruit", "Car")

Associative arrays

Sort associative array ascending by value with asort:

$score = array("Matt"=>"491", "James"=>"338", "Anthony"=>"382");    
asort($score);//("James" => "338", "Anthony" => "382", "Matt" => "491")

Sort ascending by key with ksort:

$score = array("Matt"=>"491", "James"=>"338", "Anthony"=>"382");
ksort($score);//("Anthony" => "382", "James" => "338", "Matt" => "491")

To descend use arsort and krsort.