Sports highlights made with AI

Ai is being used to find the best clips and build highlights packages for sports fans, this even includes calculations to reduce bias.

Ai making highlights videos

Artificial intelligence, code or robots are working hard at Wimbledon in creating tennis highlights that are not bias, meaning even the lesser named players in theory should be making the reels.

Hours of footage are trawled and scenarios like stats, scoreline, celebrations, crowd noise and player behavior get calculated to produce highlights clips.

You can read more about the cognitive highlights reel builder here. Which gives an example of the excitement level which seems to be a main algorithm in making the clips.

The system boasts 14.4 million views on its clips which i don’t think is an indicator for its success or accuracy rather just population of the event.

If tennis can have this technology you would have to believe that other sports are also in a position to implement. Crowd noise, scoreline and stats would be a huge indicator for a sport like Basketball, Soccer and Football.

If stats can be live then the more accurate the Ai can be in creating highlights packages with no human interaction.

Faster workflow

This Ai system would bring speed to producing the media however fair to say questioning its accuracy in the early development stage is probable.

The fact that the Ai is removing the bias is something i find pleasing, The big names in sport undoubtedly get more coverage than the lesser names. Partly because big name bias brings merchandise sales however true sports fans love the game and want to see all round highlights.

An Ai system like the one in use at Wimbledon supposedly brings that, but hey im sure that factor is adjustable and when the need to feed hype is wanted it can happen easily.

Certain Ai developments seems scary and a loss of power, Ai creating highlights videos seems cool and good use of technology to speed a basic yet lengthy process.