Stealing content is not okay Potates

Another day another “content creator” has been caught doing a bad thing. I don’t know why I use my time for this but here goes… YouTuber Daniel Potates has been found to have copied a Reddit post pretty much word for word in one of his YouTube videos. /u/_Robbie from Reddit made this post to /r/Gaming which explains what happened.

The thread blew up quickly and the folks on Reddit were after blood. They had their rights to feel angered or annoyed at Potates. If you’re a content creator and you steal or copy content whether it be parts of a video, an image or a Reddit/blog post you have done a very wrong action. All through school and education you get taught copying is bad and in university/college copying or plagiarism is incredibly serious.

Content creators never ever copy someone else’s work

Put that with the fact you can’t get away or cover up copying someone else’s work, it’s a dumb thing to do. Potates quickly deleted his video and whats worse is Potates asks his “fans” or “followers” on Discord to go down vote the Reddit post and harass /u/_Robbie. Again another wrong move from Potates vote manipulation is breaking the terms of Reddit and Discord! Here is the screenshot thanks to /u/BestRHinNA

potates asking to downvote
potates asking to downvote

Up next is Potates response on Reddit link here

Rather unsurprising Potates response is poor and lacks any attempt to apologize and make amends.  Instead he rather turns focus on him being the victim, death threats aimed at him and how Reddit is out to get him and take his life. Bizarre. Really poor response but again im not surprised. Later on he edits his response to be something a little more decent.

Plays the victim doesn’t say sorry

Playing the victim in a scenario where you should just apologize, make amends and move on not only makes the situation worse it keeps the heat on you and shows that your wrong actions are something that reveals the true side to who you are.

Here is the edited response:

Potates reddit responseI really wish I had his original post because it was a straight up embarrassment to the human race to copy someone else work and then come out and play victim, totally shows what kind of person Potates is. You do a wrong thing and apologize and maybe you can save face, but Potates has just come out and dug himself a huge hole.

Potates fleeing the scene?

Up next came the deletion of his Twitter, A sign that he has bowed out? Maybe he really is feeling remorse or the heat from his actions? Browsing through Potates YouTube channel apart from my complete lack of interest in his content you can see dislikes are now heavily outnumbering the likes and comments are flowing in about stealing content, dead channel and being a [insert word for bad person].

Maybe the suggestion of him deleting his channel is real and this is all about more than just copying someone else’s work it’s about how Potates responded and handled himself after it….poorly. No loss though as one shitty YouTuber out of the system is better than none.

POST EDIT: 6:06 am Friday, 22 June 2018 UTC

Potates has now made a response video (just audio) link here or

Essentially saying sorry, how he made a mis assumption in copying content across to his video. Potates says he most likely will delete his YouTube channel and that he wants people to stop messaging him, his family and friends hate and threats. Potates does not address asking his Discord users to go and downvote the Reddit post for him. There are also Reddit users and Comments on the video claiming he is deleting comments.

Remember if  you make content, no matter the platform don’t copy!