Steph Curry 3-point makes, attempts and percentage charts per season

Steph Curry is now the leading all-time NBA 3-point shots made player. After just 13 seasons, one in which he played only 13 games it has taken 6,891 3-point shot attempts in 789 games to make 2,974. Giving a 3-point shot conversion percentage of just over 43%.

6,891 3-point shots

This current NBA season (2021-22) is the highest 3FGA (3-pointer attempts) per game Curry has done through his career at 13.4 per game. His lowest was back in season 2010-11 at 4.6 3FGA per game.

2,974 3-point makes

This higher attempt rate also coincides with the highest 3FGM (5.4), whilst 3FGP (3-point shot percentage) was at its highest in 20-11-22 at %45.5

The lowest 3-point shot percentage was in the injury ruined 2019-20 season at just 24.5%

As of this post concluding the GSW @ NYK game, Steph Curry is on 2,977 3FGM and 6,903 3FGA.

The charts

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Total 3-point field goals made and attempted per season:

Steph Curry 3 point makes attempts per season chartTotal 3-point field percentage per season:

Steph Curry 3 point shot percent per season chart 3-point makes and attempts per game, per season:

Steph Curry 3 point makes attempts per game per season chartThe next blog post will detail 3FGM/A/P vs each team.

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