Stopping spam from your WordPress contact form

A contact form on your blog website is an excellent way to get feedback or provide an avenue for someone to as the name suggests get in contact. They are simple and cut out the middle man who is an email provider and service. However I have found that having a contact form is a magnet for spam and here is how to put an end to that.

Download and install Antispam by Cleantalk. There are plenty of alternatives but for me I had no issues with this plugin, its fast and easy!

The best part about Antispam by Cleantalk is that it not only prevents spam through the contact form it also protects registration forms and comment forms. Thats all you really need unless you want to censor something political or what not.

Antispam by Cleantalk

The setup and activation of the plugin is easy once installed, you can auto fetch and assign a CleanTalk api key to your email address and you’re good to go. A spam free experience is literally 1 minute away. I went from a couple of spam (contact) emails a day to none.

No slow website or errors just less spam. Antispam by Cleantalk is rated very well too, it’s not just me that was pleased! If you also think there is no issue with getting the odd spam email just think that if the spammers know they are getting the emails through then you’re going to get locked on with more.