Stringgy a free use string and int generator API

Stringgy is a free to use string and int generator API with customizable lengths, types, characters and amounts.

stringgy a free use string and int generator API

With Stringgy you have the option for character length of string or int, the amount to return and even the ability to set characters to choose from when generating the random strings. Use the parameter chars for custom characters eg. chars=ABC to only generate from the letters A, B and C.

If you don’t want to set the characters you can choose from a preset type which are:

  • ALL
  • ALLNOSYMBOLS (default)

Character length is set with length and the amount to return is amount.

Example usage

Two 8 digit numbers:

8 character string from all with no symbols:

Four 64 character strings made up from only ABC123:

One 12 characters long string made up from symbols only: