Summer temperature max and average for Victorian locations

Getting the max and average summer temperature from select Victorian locations using self stored data from the OpenWeather API.

I started recording this data at the first timestamp of 2019-09-13 16:58:05. I actually had played around with the OpenWeather API a couple of years back, if only I had started recording this data then.

Determining the data as being valid “summer” was easily done by adding this to my query:

MONTH(`datetime`) IN (12,1,2)

The locations chosen admittedly arent a great spread, it’s mostly central Victoria (local for me) with a little north, northeast and Melbourne central. I would loved to have had Mildura and Horsham but the free tiered plan gives limited calls.


The max temperature for any time during summer 2019/20 belonged to Echuca, at 45.5 degrees Celcius. Next was the Inglewood area with 44.9 Celcius whilst Melbournes max was 43.1 degrees Celcius.

summer temp max all hours
max all hours

Next, I deciding on a 3 or 4 pm time filter as this generally sees peak from the build-up earlier in the day to slowly cooling down as the sun drops.

Shepparton (3630) maxed out at 45 degrees Celcius, Melbournes max was just under 43 degrees Celcius;


summer temp max 3 4pm

Next is Max temperatures in-between 8 and 11 am (morning):

summer temp max 8 11am

Echuca (3564) copped a t40.7 degree Celcius morning, Melbourne early max was 36.2 Celcius.

Now for max temperature past 10 pm. Echuca, Maryborough and Inglewood shared the max at 37.2 degrees Celcius!

summer temp max past 10pm
Past 10pm

The minimum summer temperature at 3 or 4 pm:

summer temp min 3 4pm
min 3-4 pm


Average temperature at 3 and 4 pm:

summer temp avg 3 4pm
avg 3 and 4 pm

The only area hitting the 30 degree Celcius mark was Shepparton. Melbourne averaged just under 24 degrees Celcius at 3 and 4 pm for summer 2019/20.