As the TAB social media manager i steal content

Yea it really isn’t hard to drop the dankest memes or gags on a companies social media when you just copy it from elsewhere and slap your logo on it.

Browsing just recently before the third ashes test and i saw a post titled: Waca Bingo which was this Image:

waca bingo original

Now of course this wasn’t its original creation, with the watermark @MrDMurphy being the creator. A few hours later this surfaced on fresh from the gambling company TAB

waca bingo stolen

Really creative and well thought out by the SMM at TAB, a pure genius with creative flair. Not!

At TAB we copy and paste

I don’t know whats worse; a gambling company that takes money, exploits and ruins people or someone sitting logged into the TAB social media accounts copying content thinking they’re the real deal. But I guess to work at a gambling company you need to have morals like that too.