The 2018 MacBook Pro refresh

The tldr: High priced, decently spec’d with no obvious keyboard fix. In all seriousness the base line has a six core i-7 on the 15″ and four core i-5 on the 13″. Reports that a battery increase has been made, 18% on the 13″ and 10% on the 15″. The 15″ has switched to DDR4 ram making 32GB possible but the poor little 13″ misses out making it limited to 16GB of ram.

3rd generation of the ‘disaster’ Butterfly keyboard, quieter and less clicky. At this stage its unknown if they will be a mass failure. For the graphics the Iris Plus Graphics 655 for the 13″,  4GB Radeon 555X/560X on the 15″.

For $2,000 you can upgrade to 4TB on the 15″ model. There is no non touchbar models, sadly.

Thanks to this comment from /u/Mollan8686: 2900€ for a 256 GB SSD and 16 GB? C’mon, I paid 1700€ for the same specs in 2014…

You can see that Apple has made no attempt to have entciing prices, fair enough too as high chances to have it be gobbled up by hipsters and college students. article

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