The Apple Shortcuts app

The Shortcuts app brings extreme customization to Apple users like never before. Shortcuts lets idevice users make their own shortcuts, that can be ‘ran’ with just one click or through voice (Siri).

Its like coding but with a GUI, think simple if this do this stuff.

To make the most from Shortcuts means being creative, making shortcuts that save time and help you or others out daily is a great start.

Examples of shortcuts can be:

  • Upload image to Imgur, copy url and open an app.
  • Upload image to drive service then delete.
  • Get the traffic, weather and news in one.
  • Sending a tweet when a value is met.
  • Automating messages or an email.
  • Turn off notifications for sleep.

Given Shortcuts is new there isn’t a whole lot of “wow that’s a great idea” at this moment, But no doubt Shortcuts will become really valuable with time. As we progress further into AI and AR with voice autonomy becoming more common Shortcuts puts Apple users in a more controlling environment.

/r/shortcuts even bobbed up as a place for redditors to share and discuss the Shortcuts app.

You can read the Shortcuts app guide here.