The Blake Griffin trade

Blake Griffin 2009 1st pick by the Los Angeles Clippers.

Blake Griffin the 2010-11 rookie of the year.

Blake Griffin the hope of a franchise.

Blake Griffin the face of a franchise.

Blake Griffin the 5 times all-star, 4 times all NBA team.

Blake Griffin no longer a Los Angeles Clipper.


All Los Angeles Clippers fans will have found this news hard and a complete shock. Blake Griffin the long serving Clipper and seen as the one to take the Clips to the promised land traded. Yep the main man from a franchise was traded, man it’s a tough business.

The deal was this:

Clippers send:

  • Blake Griffin (PF)
  • Willie Reed (C)
  • Brice Johnson (PF)

Pistons send:

  • Tobias Harris (F)
  • Avery Bradley (SG)
  • Boban Marjonovic (C)
  • 2018 1st Round Pick
  • 2019 2nd Round Pick

So judging from the assets moved around the Clippers have a rebuild in mind. Jerry West wants to start fresh and get some kids in.

Blake Griffin Thank You from the Clippers

The action might not be over too with Griffins long time buddy DeAndre Jordan understandably wanting out and will be shifted too. The Los Angeles Clippers were looking a different team already for this season but now its really gone wacky.

For me as a Clippers fan it’s very strange and shocking move, i have watched the Clippers and Blake Griffin dominate for several years now and it is going to be weird to no longer see him when the Clippers play. understandably nothing last forever and a Griffin less Clippers was always gonna happen when players age. Griffin is 28 so there would have been several more years though.

Blake Griffin was always a hyper explosive player, a power forward known for massive dunks (sometimes over other players) and throwing down lobs. Good ball handling for his size, Griffin would have exciting duels with other bigs in the league. He bought comedy and goofyness, LACtv was an early look at how sports content would rise into its memeful ways years later.

Blake Griffin clippers rookie

LA Clippers big 3

Blake Griffin Destroying Pau Gasol

In his recent years Blake Griffin did struggle with injury, some say the Clippers curse had him and they were right to think so. A lot of things have and went wrong with this ball club.

Blake Griffin once talked about as “all he can do is dunk” developed a jump shot and then later took it further to a 3 point shot. Sadly though he lost a great passer and playmaker in Chris Paul and the Clippers never really had the final piece to win a championship.

Now for the rest of this season you could understand if the Clippers declined and missed the playoffs (first time in a while) with missing a key piece and having new faces around it will be unique.

As for Clippers fans you gotta keep the faith, the deal wasnt bad and really there is plenty of upside. The Clippers will be active at the draft in which hasn’t happened for a long time and the team will take on a whole new look and playing style.

Its only fair and absolutely justified that the Los Angeles Clippers retire the number 32 jersey worn by Blake Griffin through thick and thin times. As a fan of the Clippers, thank you Blake for the entertainment, wins, drama and excitement.