The cookie

Its hot, you’re tired and its coming to the end of the day. Maybe you’ve been on a bus for most of the day or have been driving, seeing sights but now you arrive at your hotel. Upon checking in you get given a fresh and warm double choc chip cookie “welcome to the double tree Alice Springs” the clerk says upon handing you the treat.

Just from a kind gesture since giving a customer/client/user/guest a gift helps with relationships and positive feelings but it goes further than this in a marketing sense.

A hotel heavily relies on its services and hospitality, making sure things are clean, the guests are happy/satisfied and that the hotel doesnt go down in the “never stay at again place” or gets a bad rap in reviews and maybe gets blasted on social media.

When a hotel decides to give its guests a small gift (cookie) upon arriving they are putting themselves in the process of ensuring you feel important and cared about.

The DoubleTree Alice Springs wants you to know it cares about your stay, they want you to be happy and cheerful with a positive view on the DoubleTree Alice Springs. I’m sure that all DoubleTree’s hand out a cookie as the DoubleTree’s by Hilton are run under the same beliefs and standards in operations.

Just reading through trip advisors reviews for the DoubleTree Alice Springs a few reviews mention the cookie and its no coincidence those reviews are positive. If you’re in a service or hospitality industry small gestures like this can make a difference in your business’s perceptions and reviews.