The corbpie theme, colors and style

Dark background and bright colourful fonts whats up with that?

There is a few reasonings to this custom theme that i created:

  • To be different, unique and standout.
  • No eye strain.
  • I think it looks good and suits the content.

White, cream and light grey everywhere. Thats how it is, on the web and in life. Paper, walls, cars and floors all having a white or similar colour. Most websites are white background and black font…. boring cookie cutter which can strain your eyes. I got inspiration from an IDE theme named material, which has a dark background and bright colourful font colours. It seems coders and developers also love dark themes.

Its unique, a pleasure to read and suits the content


I went few several different versions and colours until hopefully i have now settle on one that i like. I also came across the custom Google font Inconsolata which again i see as suiting the theme style well here and on the main page. As it has the whole simplified, smooth edges. Of course i stuck with the minimalist web design approach on the main domain and attempted it here too, but it is mighty tough to make WordPress minimal and fast. That will be in another post to come.