The dark side of horse racing

Another Melbourne cup done and won sadly another horse injured and put down during the race. Cliffsofmoher broke his shoulder early on in the 2018 Melbourne cup and was put down from the injuries.

Race horses being injured and dying from horse racing isn’t uncommon, fast yet fragile its always going to happen. Cliffsofmohers death was the sixth horse to die from the Melbourne cup since 2013.

Look at this massive list of horses killed from the last racing year alone, its huge. All for a “sport” ruled by gambling.

Channel 7 also did its best not to bring attention to Cliffsofmoher being fatally injured during the 2018 Melbourne cup, taking over half an hour to mention what had happened.

From the finish of the race to the presentations CH7 went and did fashion interviews and social snapshots before Bruce quickly said a few words that Cliffsofmoher was euthanized.

AAP: James Ross

Sadly it seems we are too far down the path to end the rot. The horse racing industry is huge and money flows freely. Commercialism, gambling and fashion have turned the industry in one big monster.

The Melbourne cup alone would bring millions of dollars to racing Victoria, Melbourne and think of all the betting agencies riding this hype. Betting itself has many serious issues.

To simply say that’s it no more Melbourne cup or any horse racing for that matter would have big consequences for a lot of people in a range of industries. Think of the empty race tracks, race horses no longer needed, horse float makers etc etc. Canning horse racing now would be a disaster for many people.

Horses dying from racing isn’t new and the fact it has gone on for so long now says that simply we would rather money than animal welfare.

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