The highest selling dragon lore ever!

A virtual item got sold for $61,052.63 USD a few days ago, Amazing that this is an item that only exists on a certain platform (CSGO and Steam) and is not physical item.

In the popular video game CSGO (Counter strike global offensive) you can have virtual items that have unique patterns and skins like guns, knives and gloves. You can get these through cases, the Steam market, in-game or viewer drops.

When a CSGO tournament (major) is being streamed on Twitch the viewers have a rare chance of getting a drop during a match if they have their Steam account linked to their Twitch account.

The drop consists of a signature container or case that when opened you get a weapon with a unique skin design aswell as signature stickers from a player, depending on the weapon, skin, wear quality and player you could get something worth 4 cents or something worth $61,000!

This Skadoodle souvenier AWP Dragon lore sold for $61,052.63 on Opskins!

most expensive dragon lore

A few factors contributed to this:

  • Dragon Lores are the most premium skin.
  • Dragon Lore is a very very rare drop chance.
  • Its is factory new which is the best quality (5.92317 value).
  • Signed by Skadoodle who is a popular cloud 9 Awper (sniper).

It was the perfect storm for someone to drop $61k on a virtual item in which only exists in the CSGO game and on Steam. behind the scenes id love to know its owner, someone rolling in the dough loves CSGO and/or Skadoodle.