The idea and process to click n collect

Click and collect, where you order something online or in an app and go into the store to collect your item which in most cases can be done an hour after you place the order. The key to this whole process is speed.

When shopping online sometimes you can’t wait a couple of days to get your package, so you click and collect at your local store A. If they have click and collect and B. If they have it in stock at that time. You pay for it, get the invoice and details on when, where and how to pick it up. Such as click and collect counter or customer service desk from 2 hours time……

You go down to the store, go to the click and collect spot show the assistant your invoice and get your package and leave. All within a few minutes, what this achieved was finding the product in store, lining up and paying. So where does click and collect go wrong?

Click and collect can go wrong whenever there is a delay in the process and any delay should be treated as a failure to click and collect.

Logistics and inventory management

Delay in store to compile the order

Delay in store to hand over the goods

If the store says it has stock but really there is an error and it has none that is not going to end well for you getting your order same day or quickly. Delays in the store employees collecting your item/s from the shelf/back store area and making them available for click and collect is a failure if you come to collect your order and it’s not ready. Finally if you go to the click and collect desk and there is no one to serve you so you have to wait several minutes or track down an employee, failure to click and collect.

These 3 issues aren’t hard to avoid, but its put simple that any delays that they bring effect to means that consumers are let down in this click and collect procedure.