The Laravel route function

Using the Laravel route() helper function to generate URLs for named routes.

This follows on from creating named routes where creating links to pages and passing in parameters is done easily and with decent readability in the blade files.

You will no longer have to write out the full URL or have the correct directory depth.


route($name, $parameters)

Create a link that passes a parameter into the route that is named user.editPage

<a href="{{route('user.editPage', $uid)}}">Edit account</a>

This builds the URI e.g /user/67846/edit

Passing two or more parameters into the route is done with an array with the key being the parameter name:

<a href="{{route('item.groupPage', ['group' => 123, 'sort' => 'price'])}}">View</a>

If the route does not exist an error will be thrown.