The McDonalds have a good one strategy

I noticed this months back but only recently after some local traveling did it get confirmed, McDonald’s drive thru attendants are saying “Have a good one” after taking your money and then handing over your items at the next window.

It stands out because it’s a relaxed term and not a formal one. It’s the short version of “have a good day” but obviously “have a good one” can be used for day or night.

Have a good one!

Initially i thought this was McDonald’s trying to act Australian and use Australian slang to further appeal and build relationships with consumers but “have a good one” is actually an American phrase. Which leads to why McDonald’s are using it?

Aside from the customer relations and service basics companies will do what it takes to stand out and differentiate themselves from competitors. The fast food industry is tightly packed and they all have similar processes and traits. Think of all the outlets that say “Goodbye or Thanks” its most places. The lasting impression can be an important one and I remember the words “have a good one” strongly from McDonald’s visits (mostly coffee its average but drive tru) around the state.

They all have said “have a good one” after handing over my item/s. It’s at this stage of the buying and ordering process does the consumer emotionally feel the most happiest. If McDonald’s can work itself in and create a more perceived connection with its customers they will win out in the long-term.

It is this strategy of being different, changing it up and trying to build more of a connection with customers that McDonald’s have deployed. I would love to see their actual documentation on it, sure it would include buzzwords and seemingly unrelated stuff but at its core is the focus on building a connection with customers whilst strengthening the McDonald’s brand.