The new corbpie design

It was time, nothing last forever and there is improvement to be had in most things. I wanted to stick with the dark/night theme for my Website, blog and image site but have it more unique and on the side of being smooth and calming.

I wanted my website to be a one of a kind but of course still stick to minimalism and fast loading.

The first step with that was dropping the black background and going with a dark purple/navy mix, this allowed grey text which is a pleasure to read.

Headings, buttons and special text mostly consist of greens, blues and purples. But i did also include an orange and red/peach in lighter tones. The idea with the headings was to still make them stand out but also have them match the background. They compliment it well.

new corbpie designLastly the new designs stands above the old one because it has consistency. The prior theme and design was mumbo jumbo and didn’t really have a direction, just black background with heaps of colors.